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Meet Our Expert Team

At HJP we partner with our clients across tax, compliance and business consultancy services. Our approach is based on 25 years of experience, technical expertise and a deep understanding of the issues facing the SME in today’s economy.


Angela Peden | FCA, BSc(Eng)

Chartered Accountant

"Accounting is like life – it works well if everything is in balance."

Angela is the Yoda of accountancy. She wants to help everyone be the best version of themselves, so whether a team member or a client, she will challenge you in a way that motivates you to achieve your goals. Unlike Yoda, however, she will talk to you straight with the right dose of empathy!

Due to her passion for engineering (that’s what she has a degree in), she absolutely loves to get into the nitty-gritty of innovative equipment and how systems work. When she understands the detail, she then devises the ideal tax plan or accounting plan to get the best value from it. Research & Development tax credits? Oh yes please.

Angela is completely dedicated to her team and clients and is loved by all her "Jedis." As well as strategy, tax planning, and business development, Angela’s other passions include country music and the odd cocktail (sometimes at the same time!).

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Gill Cook | FCCA

Chartered Certified Accountant

"Don’t challenge me to an 80s music quiz, unless you want to lose!"

Gill is the most level-headed member of the HJP team. She has a relaxed and down to earth style which is quite infectious, and that’s probably why she keeps us and all our clients grounded and focussed on what really matters.

As well as being optimistic, kind and understanding, Gill has a real knack for translating complex accounting jargon into words that anyone can understand. This may be due to her considerable commercial experience from her years at companies like Reuters and Bicester Village. Either that or she’s just incredibly committed to being thorough and getting the job done!

While Gill enjoys drafting management or statutory accounts and looking for areas to improve your profits, her other passion is life. She fills it with exploring the world and surrounding herself with friends, family, laughter, and fun!

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Julie Wade

Office Manager

"She makes our office run like clockwork."

Like most office managers, Julie runs the office and all of the team with ultimate efficiency and order. Unlike other office managers, however, she does it in a way that makes us feel like a family.

Julie almost takes on the mother figure of HJP where she organises us, solves problems as they arise, and strikes the right balance between tough love and empathy to get us all working as efficiently as possible. She is a natural problem solver and motivator.

As well as the team, Julie also looks after our clients from a non-accounting perspective, providing great customer service. Outside of work, Julie is just as organised and fun-loving, and she adores walking her dog and looking after her grandchildren.

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Grace Vardy | MAAT, BA(Hons)


"My three big loves are a cold glass of Rose, novelty stationery, and my adorable kitten, Ralph."

Grace is certainly true to her name; nothing fazes her. Her calm and thoughtful nature makes her very approachable and that’s a big reason why our clients love her. Well, that and the fact that she’s very good at what she does and relishes a challenge.

As a qualified AAT accountant, Grace takes care of our year-end company accounts, corporate and personal tax, and VAT. With heaps of experience and a strong client-facing background, she is no stranger to making our clients feel like they are our only client.

Grace is making great progress towards her ACCA qualification and her focus means she has achieved amazing results to date. The main distraction from her studies is her adorable cat, Ralph!

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Amber Wright | MAAT


"If I could have everything pink, I would!"

Amber is one of our awesome Xero, bookkeeping and payroll experts! And if you’re looking for personal tax returns, year-end accounts and anything VAT, she’s your girl.

Your first impression of Amber will be that she has a calm approach to everything. This comes across through her thoughtfulness and patience, and how incredibly generous she is with her time (especially when she’s teaching you something!).

We’d also use creativity, ambition, and drive to describe Amber. She has an excellent eye for detail and thrives on order and having everything done properly and to a high quality.

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Cheryl Webb | MAAT


"I love all things Disney!"

Cheryl is a qualified AAT accountant and brings with her heaps of experience in management accounts, VAT, and Xero training. Some say she’s a Xero wizard which is ironic because she loves everything Disney.

At work, Cheryl is down to earth and no-nonsense with a dry sense of humour to boot. She has even started her journey towards getting her professional ACCA qualifications. At home, Cheryl is a mum of one attempting to convince her son that Disney is better than the Xbox. She is also a dog lover and enjoys walks with her two dogs, Angel and Scamp at the weekend.

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Stacey Thomas | AAT Lvl 3

Trainee Accountant

"I love spending time with friends and family…maybe that’s why I love holidays and Christmas so much!"

One of our fantastic Xero bookkeeping and payroll experts is Stacey, mum of one who is currently studying towards her Level 4 AAT.

The dedication and drive don’t stop here either. Stacey has a smile on her face, always, and she is very bubbly and up for a laugh. This positivity, as well as the fact that she is kind and thoughtful, is what drives her to always produce the best outcome for her clients.

As well as being dedicated and fun-loving, Stacey really does care about people. Whether that’s her team, her clients or her little one at home. She has a very big heart.

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Rhiannon Foster | BA(Hons)

Trainee Accountant

"I’m a covert geek – I love gaming and marvel movies!"

Rhiannon is our amazing accounting all-rounder. What we mean by this is that she brings so many skills to the table.

Firstly, she’s creative and sees colour vividly. This makes her very exciting to work with as she always has innovative ideas and solutions. Secondly, she has great empathy which means that she enjoys talking with clients whatever their needs and she will always find time for her teammates.

Rhiannon has two full-time jobs. She’s a trainee accountant working towards her AAT Level 4 and she’s also mum to two gorgeous girls who bring so much joy to her life.

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Tracey English

Payroll Manager

"Let’s get it done rather than just talking about it!"

Tracey is a key part of the HJP family looking after all things payroll. As our Payroll Manager, she takes care of us but puts up with no nonsense.

With years of experience in bookkeeping, VAT returns, and payroll, Tracey has a passion for order and efficiency and brings this and more to the table. She thrives on being busy and productive which is why the phrase we associate with her most is "Let’s get it done rather than just talking about it!"

Tracey is straightforward, organised, and no-nonsense. That’s probably why her biggest loves are jigsaw puzzles, country music, Elvis, and the odd cheeky glass of prosecco.

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Tania Wright | ACA

Chartered Accountant

"If you hear singing in the office…it’s Tania."

Tania is often described as a ray of sunshine, whether she’s singing in the office or working with clients. It’s no surprise then that our clients love the way she works with them to overcome any challenges and get the best result for their needs.

Our digital guru and Xero expert, Tania combines technical knowledge with a warm and friendly approach. She helps both HJP and our clients modernise their businesses and work more efficiently. Not only that, but she manages to do it as effortlessly and painless as possible.

Tania recently celebrated getting her ACA qualification and we are all very proud of her. She achieved her ACA qualification all whilst raising her new baby girl – we can’t wait for our ray of sunshine to return from maternity leave soon. Loved by all of our clients, Tania is climbing up the accounting ladder quickly!

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Alice Hawkins | MAAT


“I just want to cuddle baby animals!”

Alice is a qualified AAT accountant and is the newest member of our team, bringing much more than her seven years’ experience in tax returns, VAT, payroll and bookkeeping! Alice is very kind, puts people at ease, and would do anything for anyone - which is why she gets on so well with clients and we know she will be a great asset to ours.

Whilst Alice loves order in her work and enjoys paying attention to the finer details, she also has a creative side and loves working with colour. She is currently working towards getting her professional ACCA qualifications, but when she isn't working, she loves spending time with her family, including her two cats Scofield and Kiwi and her dog called Strawberry.

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Sarah Blaney

Marketing Expert

"My simple pleasures are living by the sea with my family and my cats."

Sarah is superwoman. She joined HJP in 1993 when she was 19 at the start of her Uni gap year, and then after a career outside of accounting (we think she was saving the world), she came back to us in 2009.

Although her expertise is in marketing and business development, Sarah brings so much more than that to HJP. She takes care of us and ensures that we are always improving and moving forward. To do this, she keeps all of us accounting boffins in the real world and challenges us with new ideas and system improvements.

By day, she is a marketing genius at HJP and by night, she is a mother of two and runs multiple businesses. As we said, she really is superwoman.

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Lizzie Martell

Marketing Assistant

"If I’m not marketing or painting with my watercolours – I’m probably having a cup of tea!"

Lizzie brings creative passion to the HJP team and helps us show the world our personality. Taking charge of social media, marketing and client experience, she is our voice. Bringing a little bit of magic and happiness to the team, Lizzie has the rare ability to make the compliant world of accounting seem dazzling!

Lizzie is an accomplished artist and a successful children's illustrator. Her portfolio is full of warmth and joy, whatever your age, it will make you smile. At home, she is a Mum of one who loves live music - and is often happiest when dancing in the kitchen with her little daughter.

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