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How to Raise the Right Finance For Your Business in Hertfordshire and Across the UK

Accessing the finance your business needs has become increasingly difficult. Using traditional means of raising finance means creating a great business plan.

You know your business and what financial support it needs to succeed. At HJP we have been helping businesses for the last 25 years locate and obtain the right kind of finance at the right terms.

Businesses across Hertfordshire and the UK come to HJP, as we offer a different service. As experts in locating alternative types of finance, we always take the time to assess your business’s needs before forming a plan to obtain the money you need.

As Chartered Accountants based in Berkhamsted Hertfordshire we have helped every type of business raise the finances they need. You can be assured that you will borrow just the money you need. Whether this is an overdraft facility, loan, invoice discounting or mortgage, we can help you decide what is right for your business.

How businesses now raise the money they need has changed out of all recognition. There are many alternative ways your business could use to obtain the finances it need.

HJP have an intimate knowledge of these new ways to finance your business. Contact us today to discover how your business could benefit from these alternative ways of raising finance.

Raise the money your business needs at the right price with finance services from HJP Chartered Accountants.

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