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Salary or Dividend?

What combination of salary and dividend should you take in 2017/18?   As the owner and director of your own company, you can choose how and when to extract funds from your company. As almost all the funds you take out will create a tax charge in your hands, you may want to leave a […]

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Lifetime ISA

Lifetime ISAs Incorporating the Lifetime ISA into your savings strategy. The past few years have seen several innovations in the savings account market. Gone are the days when savers only had cash and stocks and shares ISAs to choose from. Nowadays you can open specialist accounts designed to help you save for your first home […]

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Residence and domicile A guide to the rules as they affect individuals, and why they matter. Tax residence In general, you are taxed by the country where you are ‘tax resident’. It is possible to be tax resident in 2 or more different countries simultaneously, because tax years of different countries overlap, or the laws […]

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Raising Business Finance

Raising finance for small businesses. Raising finance is a crucial but challenging aspect of running a successful business, whether you’re launching a start-up or  looking to expand your operations. You can have the best product in the world, a solid business plan and a comprehensive marketing strategy, but if you can’t access the necessary finance […]

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